Premium Evaporative Cooling Units

Each unit is built with the experience and durability and mobility of Port A Cool brand.

The style of sophisticated design is guaranteed to meet the specific needs of every client.


Portable Evaporative Cooling System

Uses no harmful chemicals to cool air 115V/2.0 amp; 1/8 HP fan motor with 8 gallon water reservoir Touch panel controls with remote. Casters for portability. Low water sensor.


Portable Evaporative Cooling System

Designed with energy-efficiency in mind, this unit can lower surrounding temperatures and humidify your air through the natural principal of water evaporation.  The KA70 covers areas up to 150 square feet and is the ideal spot cooling solution for small bedrooms, personal spaces and office cubicles. 


Portable Evaporative Cooling System

This portable unit offers big cooling for small areas. The process of evaporation naturally lowers air temperature. This unit replicates that process by pulling warm air across a rigid water-soaked media, cooling outdoor areas for hot-weather comfort.


Portable Evaporative Cooling System

Operates without using high amperage compressors, chemicals or installation. It is ready to use right out of the box and can be moved anywhere it's needed. The KA55 KuulAire portable evaporative cooler makes your home, office or work area a more comfortable area to live, work or relax in by using ordinary tap water to provide cooling.


Portable Evaporative Cooling System

Feel cooler in minutes with the Port-A-Cool KA53 KuulAire portable evaporative cooler. The high velocity motor reduces temperatures quickly and efficiently! Stay comfortable and keep your energy bill down with this air cooler.


Portable Evaporative Cooling System

The KuulAire PACKA77 Portable Evaporative Cooling Unit is one of most efficient ways to keep cool, indoors or out! You can rely on this unit for all your cooling needs during those hot summer months. It is extremely powerful and cools with no harmful refrigerants! Its large airflow capacity allows for superior cooling that can cover up to 600-Square Ft. 


Turbo Cool


Turbo Cool Unit

Turbo CoolDX Commonly used at Head Tables and Weddings and special events.

This unit size and off white colour allows it to blend in nicely with all decor.


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By using ordinary tap water, transform your home, office, work area or outdoor living space info a more comfortable area to live, work or relax.

With a variety of sizes and features,

Kuulaire evaporative cooling units can cool your hot spots, both indoor & outdoors.